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IMPORTANT: Please watch the video below before your call. This will ensure our conversation stays productive and help you achieve the best outcome.

Step #1: Watch Our Pre-Call Training

To get the most value out of this call, make sure you watch our pre-call video training first.

That’ll give you a better idea of how our system works, what’s the fastest way to get results, and if working with us is really the right fit for you.

It’ll save your time, and it’ll save our time - so please, go watch it now if you haven’t.

Step #2: Complete Your Pre-Call Passive Income Assessment

The Passive Income Assessment is one of the cornerstone tools we use with our clients to get powerful clarity on where you are in your passive income and wealth building journey.

It’s mostly multiple choice and you’ll rate yourself from 1 (weak) to 5 (strong) on each of the statements.

Complete this before your call, and we’ll help you create a personalized plan for your passive income and wealth building goals.

Step #3: Clear your schedule and block out 60-min of distraction-free time

On the call, you’ll be speaking with one of our advisors

They’ll get clear on your current situation, and
pinpoint EXACTLY what’s stopping you from hitting your financial goals…

…and see if Amazon is the right “wealth vehicle” for you.

Also, they’ll answer any questions you have about our Done-For-You services.

So please ensure these things:

You’ll be at a place that’s distraction-free

You’re on your COMPUTER, not your smartphone.
(Not driving around and doing other things)

You’ll be prepared to take a few notes

Once all these things are done, we look forward to speaking with you soon!